Though they

Though they It it would never happen, arrival would be obvious degradation for each of these living beings, if not the beginning of an era of thaw, eras of the micro Golden Age here.

As time when it is possible to progress very quickly came, these living beings come here to use this opportunity.

Though they have no unusual shapes of a body and manifestation of special talents right after the birth, and come simply as ordinary kids.

They are also born, also let out the first cry, with it also cut an umbilical cord.

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Instead of accusing

Instead of accusing I insufficiently well explained, let me try to explain still time i.


is my duty as teachers of a bottom to tatsya it is better to explain instead of: You made a nepr Game and training vilno.

Instead of accusing the child, it is necessary to be able to assume responsibility.

Corinna Abisgold, the psychologist, the expert in the field of education Be honest.

Little more senior children, in particular those, who knows from experience that school it not always factory of fun, can estimate parental recognition that study sometimes can to be heavy and tiresome.

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Its remarkable

Its remarkable Doctor Shore himself possesses uncommon mind, he managed to catch something specific in each area and started coordinating these data among themselves.

Its remarkable books on this subject turned out such volume and difficult that did not become bestsellers, but in the scientific world they caused huge excitement, and the whole group of researchers used new approach to create an accurate map of development of a human brain.

Within five years thanks to new technologies and new to the general thinking in neurology copied the card of development of a brain of the person .

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These children

These children The intuitive And the last from the list of types is called intuitivkny.

These children know, without studying.

Often it is enough to them to read some offers from the book, and they ponikmat its essence and draw conclusions.

You should not be surprised their abilities difficult to apprehend, here, as teenagers speak, the school has a rest.

The academic achievements are not important for them at all, and the most destructive for these children is the TV and the computer.

Books and personal contacts are that helps them to develop, open the nature.

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If your

If your I got stuck between them my son insisted, That the child grew the happy that did not do it, and she persisted that did.

About a week later, when it still was very much it is upset, he told: I did not run.

And I for the first time asked it that it did, and he answered: Jumped!

Jane P.

To understand that children seldom lie concerning sexual a domoga telstvo.

If your child specifies that him is sexual solicited, you have to apprehend it with all gravity.

Tell it that you love it and will help it, and immediately call by a telephone hotline to receive the management and support.

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By the letter

By the letter By the letter the child makes the following mistakes: cannot exactly write, that is hold a line; writes letters of the different size; can write others instead of one letters; can add letters in words; passes letters in words; rearranges them in places; ' !

d < can write from left to right; ; ' ' ' ' can break off by the letter the word on part; can write together two words in a row; it has very bad handwriting which it, including, and itself not understands.

REASONS OF FORMATION OF VIOLATIONS OF READING AND LETTER At the child the speech hearing is broken that is he does not distinguish aurally including in the acoustical memory one sounds from Wad Dra The child confuses proiznositelny images of sounds that is he confuses those articulation positions in which sounds are said.

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If you consider

If you consider If you consider option of kindergarten, very important lips to wind as far as the personnel is capable to provide leaving age ache to group to which your child belongs.

Some be rues of tiny children already from sixweek age, but that to satisfy needs of newborns, behind each reben one key person has to watch a lump during the day from personnel, the most bigger two.

This system of the key person has to replace, in fact, to your child of the parent it will be somebody who has time, desire and readiness to communicate with reben lump to control any changes in his mood and such in a way to understand and satisfy his requirements.

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